Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Aren't We Better Than This?

As you know, this blog is for us to discuss the finer things. I am one who enjoys said things. I am not rich, but I sometimes pretend to be. And I have high hopes for my future. But there are some things out there that I encounter on a daily basis that are not fine AT ALL. They are in fact the opposite of fine. This can be described as unsophisticated, or shabby, or cheap. I am sure you have already figured out that I am talking about the worst most horrible product on the planet. Styrofoam.

Yesterday I was enjoying lunch at a favorite spot of mine. They have an upscale clientele and they seem to be busy enough to turn a hefty profit. They have drink cups made of paper, and that is to be expected. But if you are going to get water, which leaves them no profit, then you are going to get the dreaded styrofoam water cup, and you're going to like it. Well I DON'T like it, frankly. AT ALL. I almost want to pay to have a large cup, even though I am just getting water. Like this place doesn't make enough to buy a little bit more expensive of a cup that's a little better for the environment. I don't buy it. And I just can't live like this.

So after a healthy bitching, I figured it wasn't worth freaking out about. Well that all changed when I went to one of the most expensive and fabulous restaurants in town and had to take home some of my steak. This place makes plenty of money. They are so high brow they trick you into thinking there is no self-parking and force you to valet. They add 20% gratuity if they feel you look like a scumbag. They are Fancy. Pants. So what do you think they put my steak in? STYROFOAM. How obnoxious. For a place that is so ridiculously over the top that they are serving quinoa in an appetizer, you would think they had the revenue stream to give me a paper container, or hell, just wrap it in an aluminum swan. I just don't understand this and never will. Now I will forever associate this great restaurant with a Coney Island. And it was the best meal I have had in months. Too bad.

So what's with everyone having styrofoam? Is it SO much cheaper? PLEASE just stop. I beg of you. You might as well put a sign up that says "The Earth Can Suck It."

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  1. I had a conversation like this for one of my prospective clients. They are in no way a lower end CPG client, but their lower tier products are in styrofoam while their higher tier are in plastic or paper. They let us know that this is just because people who pay a certain price point expect that their products will come in a "high end" container. They also mentioned that most people don't think about it, but the plastic or paper containers they use are typically imported from Canada and with the drive into the US the overall pollutants of the product are higher than styrofoam. I just never thought of it that way. Now I don't like styrofoam for many other reasons (not just how terrible it is for the enviroment), but am always open to hear people's logic behind the choices they make. Just food for thought.