Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wedding Stress and Doctors Visits: A Month-In-Review

I was so stressed out in April that I had to have an MRI. I actually can't believe I didn't blog at all last month, as this seems like something I would want to write about. Believe me, I tell EVERYONE about it. Let's just say this wedding planning shit is not to be taken lightly. And I was just trying to get the save the dates out. Which are technically, irrelevant. They are amazing of course, so mission accomplished.

I want people to know that I was not even feeling stressed. Like at all. I was just doing the deal: work, relationship, wedding, repeat. I guess work was a tad chaotic. And my fiancĂ© was working 80 hours a week. And what isn't stressful about getting 300 pieces in the mail at the mercy of the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE? I put that in CAPS because I hate the USPS. Don't get me started. So truth - I was stressed. But why the hell would something so wonderful cause me so much pain? 

I was at the doctor with what I thought was a sinus infection. Those are normal for me. Well, after many great days on steroids, and a few fits of rage, I was back at the doc's. Turns out something was actually off with my jaw. TMJ he thought! Temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Quite a pleasure. My jaw was so sore, I couldn't eat (which is every bride's dream, amirite?), I couldn't sleep, I had so much pain I wasn't working out, and had a heating pad with me at all times. And the doctor told me to stop chewing gum. This has now changed my life completely as I am now addicted to mints. Altoid anyone? 

So why did this occur? It is believed that I grind my teeth so severely that I caused this. I already knew I ground my teeth; I wear a mouth guard every night. But the stress was apparently unbearable and I got really bad. So how do you prevent it? Don't stress. My doctor told me to not get stressed and I was all like "MY WEDDING IS STILL 6 MONTHS AWAY." Fucks sake. 

So I have tried to take some preventative measures. I cancelled my wedding. JK, JK. I have just stopped worrying about it. It's amazing what you can still accomplish if you just take it one plan at a time. For example, we started looking at honeymoon spots. That was what had my attention for more than a week. Not stressful at all. We disagreed on destination, we disagreed on days spent, we disagreed on the rooms; oh yes, stress FREE. You'll be happy to know we settled on something, but I have been popping valiums. 

Last week, it was all about ceremony music. And it was DISASTER, but I got through it calmly and with little jaw irritation. Disaster you ask? I can't play anything that isn't "sacred in nature." Thanks, Catholics. No "Love, Actually" scene recreation. Depressed, yes. Stressed, NO.

So any brides-to-be out there, I encourage you to get organized and take it a little at a time. I gave myself 14 months, and it is zipping by so quickly! And I also encourage you to have an involved future spouse, an amazing coordinator at the church, a great friend who can design everything to be printed, a florist who will sell to you at wholesale, a flexible job, involved parents, unlimited means, and health insurance. 

And no I don't have unlimited means. But I know it would make things less stressful.